2D / 3D Solar System

An infotainment app that gives you a 3D view of the Solar System. Some great features like Speed of the revolution of every planet, Distance between every planet & the Sun, Size of the circumference of every planet, 3D & 2D view, Zoom in & Zoom out option.

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Zodiac Match Maker

Find out in 2 steps which zodiac sign can be your perfect life partner & why? The expert astrology content gives you exactly who's the best match for you. It also explains why that particular zodiac is your perfect match. A fun app with quick & interesting reads.

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Jumping Binny

Binny the Squirrel is trying to reach to the top of a tall tree. Help him reach at the top of the tallest tree in the world!

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Alien Attack - Space Blast

As usual, Earth is under attack! Can you save mankind during Tea-Time? And can you face the surprise at Boss Level or even reach there?

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