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Advance Heart Attack Detection Device

BEAT's proprietary Machine Learning Algorithm and Artificial Intelligence is trained with assisted learning from cardiologists across the globe. The System works seamlessly to keep a track of each and every activity in your heart. BEAT also stores your ECG Recording on cloud for quick analysis of your heart condition. You can view this data in the app and can share it with friends, family & Doctor for quick assement.

Beat as a remote ECG diagnosis device ensures that patient is always monitored and even a slight change is ECG is recorded and analysed. This ensures that patient is always protected and cared.

Beat's compact and patient friendly size allows doctors to do quick ECG test. This adds as a benefit to doctors by saving time in critical and emergency situations. The Deep learning based AI ensures that no change goes unnoticed even for doctors.

Beat along with its properitary AI not only takes accurate ECG of Adults, but the high sensitivity of Beat allows it to be used for diagnosis of heart condition of even an unborn child. In this way, Beat helps mothers to take extra precaution while they are pregnant and also take care of their new infants.

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